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RFID Applications - Transport
The following are the list of RFID products which can be used for Transport applications.
    • Paper Ticket - Single

      Paper Tickets are commonly used in transportation, retail, venues access etc. They are lower cost compared to PVC Cards, hence suitable for one time use.

       Size ISO Size: 86 X 54mm
       Thickness Wirecoil: 0.5+/-0.05mm
       Material Art Paper
       Frequency 13.56MHZ
       IC MIFARE® Classic 1K (1024 byte)/ MIFARE® Ultralight (64 byte)/I Code SLI (1024 bit)
       Operating Temperature -20C + 60C
       Reading Distance up to 8cm ( Based on NXP Pegoda Reader )
       Format Single Pcs
       Remarks Printing, Inkjet Serial Number Printing, Pre Perso available. Contact us for more details.
       Product Specs Download
                        • NFC Labels/Tags

                          The label is suitable for many indoor item and person identification applications. The tag has permanent adhesive on back side, which makes it an easy to attach on non-metallic surfaces. Suitable for use for smart posters, payment, loyalty program etc...

                           Size 86 X 54mm, 50 X 50mm, 20 X 50mm, Dia 25mm, Dia 30mm, Dia 25 mm(FR4/PET), Dia 17.5(FR4/PET) mm
                           Thickness 0.35mm(label), 0.13-0.2mm(FR4 Tag)
                           Material Paper/FR4/PET
                           Frequency 13.56MHZ
                           IC MIFARE® Ultralight, MIFARE® ULtralight EV1, MY D Move,
                           Operating Temperature -20◦C +70◦C
                           Storage Temperature -20◦C +70◦C
                           Reading Distance 1- 5 cm ( Depending on reader and tag size )
                           Format Single Pieces
                           Remarks Mifare Classic 1k S50 tag has compatible issue. Must read Item specifics - Seller Notes Mifare Classic 1k S50 Worked on All NFC Enable Smart Phones, such as Andriod, Window, Blackberry, Arduino & iPhone with iCarte ...etc. Which are using NXP (Philips) NFC Controller such as PN544, PN65, PN65N ...etc. Except the phones mention at Item specifics - Seller Notes Be careful!!! If you DON'T Know what is the Model of your device's Controller, Don't Purchase Mifare Classic 1k S50 (Non Stardandized, it is Mifare Standard), Please Purchase NFC Forum Type 1 (Topaz), Type 2 (Ultralight, NTAG, NTAG203), Type 3 (Felica) or Type 4 (DesFire) Tags, These are suitable for ALL.
                           Product Specs Download