All About Our Products

At Vanskee, we provide wide range of product that meet your daily to daily operation needs. We are specialise in RFID Technology. Click on the product box to view our product details.

RFID Contactless Cards
We have a wide range of contactless card avaliable in different materials and in different chip type to suit your application. Do contact us should you nee further support. 
  • Mini Cards

    Mini Cards function just as ISO size Smart Cards do, only in a smaller, more convenient size. Mini Cards are often applied today in many fields such as banking, transportation, customer loyalty, sports venues, automatic fare collection and access control.

     Size 30 X 53mm, 27 X 55mm
     Thickness 0.80 ± 0.04mm
     Material PVC
     Frequency 13.56MHZ
     IC * Upon Request
     Operating Temperature -20C + 60C
     Format Available in Cut Out Size(30X53mm, 27X55mm)
     Product specifications are currently not available. Please contact us for more information.