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At Vanskee, we provide wide range of product that meet your daily to daily operation needs. We are specialise in RFID Technology. Click on the product box to view our product details.

Paper Tickets
We have a wide range of paper tickets avaliable. You can choose from our singular or fanfold type. ISO & 178 X 32mm Size avaliable. Suitable for transportation and events use.  
  • Fanfold Paper Ticket

    Fanfold Paper Tickets are often applied in transportation, sporting venues, retail, etc. It is suitable for one time use.

     Size 179 X 78mm
     Thickness Etch: 0.47mm +/-0.05mm
     Material Wood Free Printed Paper
     IC Upon Request
     Operating Temperature -20C + 60C
     Format Fanfold
     Product Specs Download